Graceada Partners’ “secret weapon” is the partnership between Joe and Ryan--a partnership built on 35 years of friendship and mutual respect. This background and approach allows them to challenge each other and create an environment that fosters competitiveness and innovation while limiting confirmation bias in investment and market analysis.


Ryan Swehla, CCIM, CPM

Principal, Co-founder

Joe Muratore, CCIM

Principal, Co-founder
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1986:     Ryan and Joe meet in the third grade at Fremont Elementary School in Modesto, California. Their friendship started with negotiating rock collection and baseball card deals and grew to shopping centers and office buildings thirty years later. Most importantly, they had fun the whole way through.

2005:     Joe and Ryan start in commercial real estate investment, brokerage and asset management with a Modesto, CA based firm that owns a portfolio of $80,000,000 in commercial real estate.

2008:     The partners founded what was then called NAI Benchmark to manage and broker commercial real estate throughout the Central Valley, which they saw as an underserved area. Later, they would change the firm's name to "Graceada Partners" to reflect the Firm's pivot from being a third party commercial real estate service provider to full time investor and fund manager. The firm's name is derived from Modesto's main downtown outdoor space "Graceada Park" (pronounced like the names of the two women who donated the land for the park: GRACE & ADA) and from the firm's goal that it be a trusted and long-term partner with its investors.

2013:     The first commercial real estate investment property is purchased, a mixed-use property in downtown San Leandro, CA.

2015:     The company acquires several other properties in an around Modesto and leases them up with good success.  Some are sold for a profit and some are still held for cash-flow.

2017:     The partners take a bigger step with the $6,900,000 purchase of a former Post Foods plant in Modesto, CA.  It would be sold a year later for a significant profit.    Graceada Partners acquires its 7th investment property at year end.

2018:     Sylvan Square, a senior-focused lifestyle center, is purchased for $12,500,000.  Century Center, a well-located 214,772 square foot retail center in need of significant investment, is purchased for $12,850,000.  Century Center would be sold in 2020 for $24,700,000.

2019  Graceada Partners Fund I is created and purchases $30,000,000 worth of commercial property.  These include a 90,000 square foot Modesto office building, an 80,000 square foot Fresno office building, a 36,000 square foot Stockton office building and a 47,500 sf Sacramento office building.

2020  Graceada Partners Fund II is created with the expectation of purchasing an additional $60,000,000 worth of commercial property in the Central Valley within 12-18 months.